Florida International Teaching Zoo
"If our animal brotheren are to survive ,we must teach the knowledge and skills to the next generation of Zoo Animal Caregivers" Mark D. Wilson ,DVM  FITZ Director/Veterinarian/Founder





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  The Florida International Teaching Zoo (FITZ), located in Sunny Central Florida-USA is an educational facility that trains the next generation of

Professional Zoo Animal Caregivers.

The" New Zoo" completed in 2010 is a continuation of our nearly two decade Zoo training program.

FITZ exhibits and cares for a diverse ,balanced collection of endangered and rare animals ranging from Spotted Hyenas,Hawiian Ne'Ne' Geese, Black Jaguars,Patas;Squirrel;Colobus & Douracoli Monkeys,'Roos's, Tortoises, Peregrine Falcons, and Broad Snout Caiman among other species. Many of the species are disappearing from the Earth and will exist Only thru captive management and reproduction.

The Zoo Students participate in a one year hands-on classroom and lab(The Zoo) curriculum. The students clean,feed, build animal enclosures for all the animals. They ,also, give tours to the visiting public. Nightly lectures by Real Zoo Professionals cover subjects including Nutrition,Husbandry, Exhibit Design, Taxonomy, Extensive Public Speaking and Public Management ,and Veterinary Medicine.

Graduates of FITZ have moved on to zoos in the USA and Canada as well as private institutions, wildlife/animal control agencies,veterinary assistants,and academia.

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A 501-C-3 Not for Profit Corporation

Our office hours are:Sat-12pm-4pm other days by appointment Call (352) 867-7788


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