Florida International Teaching Zoo
"If our animal brotheren are to survive ,we must teach the knowledge and skills to the next generation of Zoo Animal Caregivers" Mark D. Wilson ,DVM  FITZ Director/Veterinarian/Founder




 The Florida International Teaching Zoo


 The Florida International Teaching Zoo is a

 Zoological Association of America ZAA Accredited Facility


The Florida International Teaching Zoo,( 501-C-3 Not for Profit corporation)  has a twenty year history of educating professional zoo animal caregivers. Graduates are  employed in AZA/ ZAA  zoos, wildlife and  higher educational institutions.


The Teaching Zoo nightly lectures cover subjects ranging from husbandry,taxonomy, veterinary medicine,public speaking, nutrition, reproduction,and exhibit design among others. Classes are taught by animal professionals.

 Zoo students spend their lab days working cleaning,feeding, building exhibits, and enriching the animal's lives.

The Florida Teaching  animals include tigers, crocodiles, snakes, colobus monkeys, african porcupines, hyenas, amherst pheasants, and owl monkeys, specializing in captive reproduction  of jaguars, ne'ne' (Hawiian) geese, and the largest group of African Patas monkeys in The Americas.

Some photos of past students and animals dating back to the 90's

Congratulations to our friends at Two Tails Ranch in Williston, FL for their


recent Accreditation to the ZAA- Zoological Association of America! www.allaboutelephants.com



Here's an idea to help the Zoo and animals and leave a lasting family legacy at the same time. Purchase a commemorative glass engraved block to be erected on site at the zoo for $125. Your Zoo contribution is tax deductible. Honor the memory of loved ones or celebrate your family!


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